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Corporate Culture of SK

SK Management System (“SKMS”), SK's management philosophy

  • The management activities and the corporate culture based on SKMS have continued to play a large role in the consistent growth and development of SK.

  • SK and SKMS
    • SK Group and Members

      Each SK Company should implement autonomous and responsible management led by its board of directors, and at the same time, participate in the council established under the joint agreement in order to facilitate mutual cooperation. This is the management of ‘Independent yet United’ the unique business management by SK Group. All SK People voluntarily and willingly implement SKMS with confidence and passion for SK’s philosophy.

    • Implementation, Evolution, and Development of SKMS

      SKMS presents the basic direction for management and consists of SK’s governing philosophy and its methodology covering those practical areas indispensable to business management. All SK leaders are strongly urged to take the lead in implementing and developing SKMS. In particular, enterprising major shareholders should take full responsibility for sustaining and developing SK’s management philosophy, along with the SK Group.

  • All SK People believe that the happiness of stakeholders can be achieved with the culture of the SUPEX Quest through VWBE.

  • Management Philosophy
    • Happiness for Stakeholders

      The corporate enterprise should make a consistent effort to find a balance between the happiness of stakeholders and consider this in both the present and the future to remain sustainable over the long-term. SK People are one of the stakeholders and at the same time, the company is composed of SK People. Therefore, SK People should prioritize the happiness of stakeholders in the belief that it will lead to the greater happiness of the SK Community and, as a result, each individual member.

    • Culture of the SUPEX Quest through VWBE

      In an ever-changing environment, each SK Company should continue to maximize performance through the SUPEX* Quest in order to realize the happiness of stakeholders. In order to achieve this, SK People must contribute to the performance of the company by utilizing their capabilities to the fullest through VWBE(Voluntarily and Willingly Brain Engagement) * Super Excellent Level, which means the highest performance level attainable

  • A company should implement this management philosophy by establishing the SUPEX goal and business plan and an environment that supports their implementation.

  • Implementation Principle
    • SUPEX Goal and Business Plan

      A SUPEX Company should be able to continuously pursue the SUPEX goal, which may shift along with changes in the business environment or the passage of time, by retaining top-tier competitiveness and securing the necessary conditions for long-term survival.
      When a company aims to become a SUPEX Company, it should note that it is difficult in practice to reach this level immediately. Thus, the company should first establish and then pursue a Better Company goal. The company should exert its best efforts to ultimately become a SUPEX Company through the successful completion of a series of Better Company goals.

    • Internal Environment for the SUPEX Quest

      To pursue SUPEX, the VWBE of SK People is required.
      A representation of VWBE is Pae-gi, which means the determination to succeed in one’s work. Therefore, it is important for SK People to embrace Pae-gi to create a favorable environment for the SUPEX Quest.