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Ethical Management

SK Specialty aims to play a key role in social and economic development by creating values for customers, members, and society based on SKMS, and to contribute to the well-being of mankind. With ethical norms, which are standards for right behavior that members should follow and value judgment, as the basic rules of ethical management, we judge and improve ethical risks according to the ethical management process consisting of Prevention, Detection, and Response.

Ethical Management Framework

윤리경영 Framework에 관한 이미지 입니다. 자세한 설명은 하단 내용을 참고하세요.
  • 예방

    진단서베이 (개인, 조직) → FeedBack → 교육

  • 식별

    제보채널 → 감사 ← 상시모니터링

  • 대응

    감사 → 징계 → 후속 조치 (내용전파 / 후속교육, 시스템 개선) → 예방에 반영 → 교육

SK Specialty is taking the lead in ethical management with a zero corruption goal and with a zero tolerance principle for unethical and corruptive activities.
From 2022, we plan to expand the application of the self-cleaning system to subsidiaries, and will establish a systematic anti-corruption operation process combined with the self-cleaning system through the anti-corruption management system certification (ISO37001).

Ethical Management Implementation Elements

SK Specialty recognizes ethical management as a critical prerequisite for corporate sustainability management, and strives to create a fair and transparent corporate culture and practice ethical management by establishing the following ethical management 3C(Code, Compliance, and Consensus) system with a zero corruption goal and with a zero tolerance principle for unethical and corruptive activities.

윤리경영 3C
  • 윤리규범 Code
    • Implementation rules of Code of Ethics
    • Violation cases by key area (Don'ts)
    • Ethical management practice FAQ for SK leaders
    • Ethical management practice pledge
    • Prohibition of holiday gift acceptance
  • 제도 compliance
    • Operation of the Integrated Group Reporting Site and information protection
    • Operation of the Ethics Complaints Counselling Center (Happiness Empathy)
    • Operation of the self-cleaning system
  • 공감대 형성 Consensus
    • Development and implementation of ethical management education programs
    • Ethical management practice letter
    • Operation of communication and participation programs for members
    • Conduct a survey for diagnosis of ethical management level
    • Ethical management practice workshop

Code of Ethics

SK Specialty focuses on establishing ethical management as a corporate culture by having all members equipped with ethical thinking and practice it. To this end, it has established practice regulations of code of ethics and uses them as a criterion for decision-making and behavior in all management activities.

Anti-corruption Regulation

SK Specialty has established the "compliance regulations of Anti-Corruption Act" to pursue the continuous happiness of its members and stakeholders and to realize social values through ESG management, and uses them as a criterion for decision-making and behavior.

Ethical Practice Terms and Conditions for Partner Companies

SK Specialty delivers the ethical practice terms and conditions to all of its partner companies, and recommends them to comply with ethical management principles.

Code of Conduct of Members

  • One.

    I keep in mind that I must stick to safety for the safety, health, and environmental protection of myself, the company, and furthermore the mankind, and make every effort to prevent accidents by complying with the company's safety rules and working procedures.

  • One.

    Recognizing that the transparency of the company begins with my actions, I take the lead in ethical management through the distinction between public and private affairs.

  • One.

    In order to generate stable profits and secure new growth engines for the company, I focus my best capabilities on cost reduction, quality improvement, and technological innovation.

Code of Conduct
  • One.

    I create an organization culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and trust through smooth communication.

  • One.

    I provide the best value to customers and shareholders under the highest quality and service principles.

  • One.

    I cope with the changing environment through future-oriented creative thinking and continuous self-development, and strengthen the internal capabilities necessary to overcome the crisis

  • One.

    I devote myself to work with creativity and passion to make it sure to create a good company for all members to work for and to want to work for.

Ethical Management Education for Members and Partner Companies


SK Specialty conducts ethical management and anti-corruption training every year for all members in office (including contract and dispatched workers) to raise the ethical awareness of members, while disseminating enactments and revisions of major issues related laws and regulations.

Partner Companies

SK Specialty provides anti-corruption education not only for its members but also for 17 shared-growth partners every year to enhance their ESG, and plans to expand ethical management and anti-corruption education to more partners of SK Specialty and affiliates.

Ethical Management Reporting

SK Specialty operates an ethical management reporting system so that not only members but also all stakeholders can report unethical behavior.
Information is received and processed behind closed doors, and the identity and content of the informant are thoroughly protected in accordance with the informant protection regulations.

How to Create a Report

It should be described in as much detail as possible according to the principle of 5 W's and 1 H.

  • The personal information of the subject as real as possible
  • Detailed description of when and where the problem occurred
  • Documentary evidence such as photographs, documents, etc. are required/provided that there is no evidence, even if suspicion is evident, state the channel of obtaining information, specific method and place for verification of facts
  • Investigation will begin after receiving a report, feedback on the progress of each step will be provided to the informant until investigation is closed, and the results of the processing can be checked on the "Report Processing Results" page or via the reply method (e-mail or phone) selected by the informant.

Matters subject to Reporting

Cases where the investigation is difficult

  • Where there is no specific factual relationship or where it falls under speculation or vague suspicion
  • Where it is impossible to confirm the fact without the informant's additional cooperation because the contents are not clear
  • In the case of simple complaints and inconveniences, such as reporting unkind acts, expressing displeasure, and filing unilateral complaints
  • In the case of request for a role beyond the legal authority of the company (BP's overdue wages, non-payment of payment by subcontractors, etc.)
  • Where the case for which you intend to report is pending in the court

Informant Protection Regulations

We operate an informant protection program so that informants can report with confidence without any disadvantage.

  • 1

    You will not be disadvantaged or discriminated against for the reason of the legitimate report.

  • 2

    In case of receiving disadvantage due to reporting, you can request correction and protection to the ethics management department, and the ethics management department will take all measures to minimize the disadvantage.

  • 3

    The identity and information of informants are kept strictly confidential so that they are not disclosed against their will.

  • 4

    We will equally protect those who have cooperated with the investigation by making statements or providing data during the fact-checking process of the report.

  • 5

    In the event of participating in an unethical or illegal act, but voluntarily reporting the fact, you can be reduced or exempted sanctions on the act.