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Major Environmental Activities

Greenhouse Gas/Energy

SK Specialty joined RE100 to clarify its commitment to responding to climate change and to faithfully implement it, and declared that it would achieve Net-Zero by 2030. To this end, we are expanding the share of renewable energy use through the green premium system and third party PPA system, and also improving energy efficiency by establishing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improving production processes. In addition, we are conducting awareness improvement activities to induce active participation of members in greenhouse gas emission reduction activities.


In terms of Life Cycle Assessment, SK Specialty identifies and manages risks at all stages of water resource utilization such as water intake, consumption, and wastewater treatment. Although water consumption is lower than other manufacturing industries, most of the production processes utilize water, so we are focusing on minimizing the environmental burden through enhancing the efficiency of water use in the process, increasing the amount of waste water recycled, and designing reprocessing processes by wastewater characteristics.


SK Specialty directly manages and discharges waste generated in the Yeongju plant area including resident partner companies according to due process by establishing waste management standards and operating a unified waste disposal process. In addition, we are continuously promoting recycling activities to minimize the environmental impact of waste from all core processes by recycling the sludge generated during the wastewater treatment process through improving the process wastewater treatment system.

* ZWTL : Zero Waste To Landfill

Building a Low Carbon System

SK Specialty transparently discloses the results of climate response management through CDP to achieve the trust of stakeholders and pursue carbon neutrality. In addition, we are promoting carbon footprint certification of main products to provide low carbon value to our customers.

Pollutants and Hazardous Chemicals

SK Specialty operates stricter in-house management regulations than legal regulations to minimize the emission of water and air pollutants generated by production activities in all core processes. In the future, the company aims to further strengthen its in-house management regulations to operate from below 80% to below 50% (some 70%) of the emission allowance under the Water Environment Conservation Act and Clean Air Conservation Act. In addition, we evaluate the risk of chemicals and verify compliance with regulatory requirements through the chemical management system, and also thoroughly manage hazardous chemical facilities and transportation vehicles to prevent accidents caused by leaks. To prevent and cope with chemical accidents, we operate an environmental accident preparation system, and make every effort to prevent accidents and minimize damage in the event of accident through the community safety cooperation system.