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Social Contribution

Under the slogan 'Share Happiness and Grow Together with Local Communities,' SK specialty strives to contribute to society
by selecting key social value strategies: solving social problems, fostering future talents, and sharing happiness with others.

Social Contribution System

사회공헌에 관한 이미지 입니다. 자세한 설명은 하단 내용을 참고하세요.
지역사회와 행복을 나누며 함께 성장하는 기업
  • 사회문제 해결
    • 청년 창업가 발굴/육성
    • 취약계층 사회안전망(Safety Net) 구축
  • 미래인재 육성
    • Biz. 연계 진로체험 교육
    • 산학 연계 인재 육성
    • 우수인재 장학금 지원
  • 행복 나눔 활동
    • 지역 문화/예술 행사 후원
    • 행복 나눔 성금/봉사단

Social Enterprise Support Program

SK specialty is promoting various programs in connection with social venture accelerator companies to contribute to the influx of young people into the local community, job creation, and revitalization of the local economy.
We are implementing projects such as fostering local entrepreneurs, establishing a sustainable local startup ecosystem, and creating a favorable living environment for the youth.
We are planning to carry on and expand this support to create a vibrant local community.