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Quality Management

Quality Management Policy

SK Specialty carries out preemptive activities, beyond simple quality assurance, for zero customer safety accidents through compliance
with international environmental management standards and customized customer service.
We pursue customer happiness by providing the best value in terms of quality and safety to our customers.

Quality Management Policy

SK Specialty pursues customer satisfaction through quality assurance as the best value, and actively implements the following matters to secure the trust of members and stakeholders and to ensure sustainable quality management:

  1. 1. Seeking customer happiness with the best quality and service

    As a partner who creates the value of customer satisfaction, we pursue customer happiness
    by providing the highest quality products and services.

  2. 2. Building trust by operating advanced quality systems

    We build customer trust in differentiated quality competitiveness through preemptive and advanced quality system operation and continuous quality innovation.

  3. 3. Best partner with innovative products and technologies

    We become the best partner to provide customer satisfaction with innovative products through technology development and growth.

  4. 4. Voluntary/motivated participation of all members

    All members participate in the execution of the world's best quality management based on the VWBE* organization culture.

    * Voluntarily, Willingly, Brain Engagement

Activities for Strengthening Quality & Customer Safety Management

SK Specialty improve product competitiveness by establishing an integrated analysis center and transferring analysis technology, respond to changes in customer needs quickly, and prioritizes 'quality and safety' in all areas, including planning, production, management, and supply, so that customers can use products with confidence. Key product quality/safety issues are reported to the CEO meeting to strengthen management responsibilities.

Strengthening the Competitive Edge of Quality Analysis by Establishing an Integrated Analysis Center

SK Specialty focuses on securing technical capabilities to improve quality control levels to meet customer quality needs, while enhancing the quality control level of the supply chain by supporting consulting on quality analysis and the transfer of analysis technology, etc. Based on the integrated analysis center established at the end of 2019, we have expanded the scope of analysis technology and formed a collaborative network for sharing capabilities and infrastructure with partner companies.

Product Safety Assessment

SK Specialty checks whether or not substances subject to legal permission are included through the operation of the chemical substance management system when bringing in and taking out chemicals. In addition, when requested by client companies, we examine the content of specific hazardous chemicals related to RoHS, REACH, and GHS, and deliver a warranty and a safety manual including ingredient specifications, etc.

Communication with Customers

SK Specialty realizes customer satisfaction by accurately and quickly identifying and responding to customer needs through customer communication activities, such as VOC (Voice of Customer) management process, quality satisfaction survey, technology exchange, etc.
In addition, we have a wide range of customer contacts through major IT industry exhibitions and industry association activities.

Operating Quality Partnership Program for Partners

SK Specialty periodically publishes and delivers a quality magazine containing information necessary for suppliers in the spirit of quality community, and operate a quality partnership program for shared growth by supporting quality management techniques and human resource training.

Certification Status

SK Specialty has obtained and maintained certifications for the quality management system.

  • [인증기관] UKAS ISO-9001 인증서
    ISO 9001

    [Certification agency]

  • [인증기관] IATF-16949 인증서

    [Certification agency]