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Global Initiatives

SK Specialty pursues sustainability by joining global initiatives and strives to practice corporate citizenship.
In the future, we will expand engagement in major initiatives to solve problems of the international community
and continue to participate in initiatives that will improve sustainable management in the chemical materials industry.
SK Specialty plans to increase the quality of TCFD reporting in 2023 to cope with climate change and join SBTi in 2024.
In addition, we plan to achieve ZWTL Gold certification by 2025 according to the environmental strategy roadmap.

UN Global Compact(유엔글로벌콤팩트, UNGC)

Join the UNGC

SK Specialty actively supports the 10 principles in the UNGC(United Nations Global Compact)'s 4 core values: human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, and carries out activities to comply with and spread them.
In order to declare the efforts and will of SK Specialty externally, it officially joined the UNGC in February 2021, and is reporting activities to comply with the UNGC's 10 principles through the sustainable management report.

UN SDGs(UN Sustainable Development Goals, 유엔 지속가능발전목표)

UN SDGs Activity

UN SDGs(UN Sustainable Development Goals) are the largest common goals of the international community adopted at the 70th UN General Assembly in 2015 and the UN Summit on Sustainable Development.
SK Specialty identifies goals that are highly relevant to its business areas in order to actively participate in achieving UN SDGs, and is focusing on activities to achieve this.

KCGS(한국기업지배구조원) ESG 평가

Korea Corporate Governance Service ESG Evaluation

SK Specialty is evolving into a leading ESG company in the global materials industry.
As a result of setting medium- and long-term goals in the environment, social and governance areas, and conducting various activities, it received a comprehensive A grade (Environment A, Social A+, Governance A) in the 2021 ESG evaluation.

RE100(Renewable Energy 100%, 재생에너지 100%) 가입

Join the RE100

SK Specialty joined the RE100 (Renewable Energy, 100%) first as a materials company in Korea, declaring to achieve Net-Zero (carbon neutrality) by 2030 and clarifying its commitment to responding to climate change.

CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project) 가입

Disclosure of CDP Information

SK Specialty has been transparently disclosing information related to carbon emissions and response activities since 2021 through the CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project), and has obtained CDP Climate Change B grade.