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Fair Trade Compliance Program

The CP Declaration

Trust from All Stakeholders and Society through Transparent and Fair Corporate Activities

Compliance Program


Under the rapidly changing business environment, customers and society are more demanding than ever to 'fulfill corporate social responsibility', and companies are facing a harsh reality of no choice but to pursue growth through deep change by innovating business models, based on ethical management practices and fair trade practices.

Therefore, our company intends to introduce and operate the "Compliance Program" from this year in order to gain trust from all stakeholders and society through transparent and fair corporate activities.

To this end, as a CEO, I will actively practice the following with the members.

  • First,

    We will all familiarize ourselves with the fair trade laws, and follow them thoroughly.

  • Second,

    We will lead shared-growth through win-win cooperation with 'business partners'.

  • Third,

    We will further grow economic value by creating social value and develop trust relationships with all stakeholders.

I ask for interest and efforts from all members to establish and make this "fair trade self-compliance culture" take roots as soon as possible.
Thank you.


CEO Lee Kyu-won

Message from Compliance Manager

Active Practice for the Establishment of the Fair Trade Self-Compliance Culture Members,


Starting with the CEO's ‘Declaration of Compliance Program’, our company has announced internally and externally that we are a leading company in the self-compliance with fair trade, so I ask all of you to fully recognize the need for self-compliance and actively cooperate in establishing a "fair trade self-compliance culture."
Our company's "Compliance Program(CP)" contains a strong commitment to actively and voluntarily comply with fair trade-related laws and not engage in illegal activities for fair competition.
I would like to ask you keep the following in mind to avoid violating fair trade-related laws In the future.

  • 01 Understanding and
    compliance with relevant laws
    All members should fully understand and comply with related laws such as the Fair Trade Act, Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act, Win-Win Cooperation Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act, and if you have any questions about violations, please contact the legal team and ethics management team including compliance manager in advance.
  • 02 Active participation
    in activities
    All members should actively participate in the company's compliance activities, keeping in mind that minor mistakes by individual members can hinder the company's transparent and sound compliance activities.
  • 03 Free and fair trade
    All members should endeavor in their respective positions to ensure that there is a free and fair trade between the company and partner companies on an equal footing.

As such, we ask all members to actively practice wholeheartedly so that a culture of self-compliance with fair trade can be established.
In addition, if there is a breach or violation of related laws, or if you have any questions, please inform the compliance manager, legal team, and ethics management team without hesitation, and we promise to do our best to identify and correct the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Compliance Manager
Director of Management Support Yoo Shin

CP Operation Rules

Operation Rules and Action Principles of the Compliance Program

  • Operation of the Compliance Program
    • Production/distribution/complementation of the Self-Compliance Manual
    • Operation of educational programs
    • Conducting and reporting regular inspections of compliance status and assessment of activities
    • Sanctions against employees who violate the Fair Trade Act
    • Operation of internal reporting system for in-house unfair trade practices
    • Reward
  • Organization chart
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