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  • Business Information
    Gas & IT specialty Total Solution Provider

    Specialty Gas & Chemical Technology Company. SK specialty drives advancements in IoT, big data, and autonomous car industries through production, sale, and integrated service delivery of key components in semiconductors, display panels, and solar cells.

  • Cleaning Gases
    SK specialty Global No.1

    Global No. 1, Production of Nitrogen Trifluoride for the First in Korea and the Best in the World Since successfully localizing the production of NF3(Nitrogen trifluoride) for the first time in Korea In 2001, we have been providing the highest quality Nitrogen trifluoride stably to clients through independent technology development and preemptive expansion investment.

  • Deposition Gases
  • Industrial Gases
    SK specialty

    Industrial gases are being used in various industries, such as petrochemicals, semiconductors, steel, healthcare, and food. SK specialty highly purifies its industrial gases by using air-separation units and stably delivers them by means of on-site supply, pipelines, and tank lorries.

  • Precursor
    SK specialty

    SK specialty manufactures and sells precursors based on consistent research and development on specialized materials for next-generation processes.

  • Etching Gases
    SK specialty

    Among the etching gases, we produce and sell trifluoromethane (CHF3), hexafluoroethane (C2F6), carbon tetrafluoride (CF4), octafluorocyclobutane (C4F8), pentafluoroethane (C2HF5), etc., which has precise etching ability, and will continuously provide various etching solutions.

  • Other High-Purity Gases
    SK specialty

    In addition to manufacturing value-added items that are increasingly in demand due to the expansion of 3D NAND and microfabrication processes, SK specialty offers various services to its customers, such as sourcing, refinement, and mixing.

  • Integrated Services
    SK specialty Production and sale of Gas & IT  specialty : New Product R&D, portfolio diversification, Logistics service(Integrated Warehouse) Operation, Quality and Service Upgrades, Bulk Specialty Gas supply System(BSGS) Operation, Gas & IT specialty Package supply (Soucing, Purification, Mixing etc.)